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My story

I write Undine Reads for booklovers. I feature reviews and articles about books and what to read next. Let me winnow through the chaff and share what books are worth adding to your To Be Read stack.

I’m a lifelong voracious reader. My mom claims I was born with a book in my hand. Corners -ow! Hop on Pop is the first book I read by myself. Yay, Dr. Suess!

I discovered Agatha Christie, Andre Norton, and Kathleen Woodiwiss as a pre-teen and have been devouring genre fiction ever since.

I managed and then co-owned a small, indie bookstore for several years along with my husband. Introducing the perfect book to the person who needed it was one of my greatest joys.

After the bookstore closed, I began working in a public library’s marketing department. So I still get to be around the books that I love and help the right people find the best things to read.

What I write

I write spoiler-free reviews of:

  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy


  • Adults
  • New adults
  • Young adults

My feline overlords

That lovely in the photo with me is Lulu, one of my two feline overlords along with her brother Poe. Both were abandoned strays when we adopted them and now they seem content bossing us around, receiving catnip mice and treats as the offerings they’re due.

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