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October 27, 2020

Book Blitz: The Comfort of Distance

comfort of distance
The Comfort of Distance by Ryburn Dobbs

Hello, my lovelies! I’m excited to be part of the Book Blitz for The Comfort of Distance, a new mystery by Ryburn Dobbs.

About The Comfort of Distance

Sgt Hank LeGris stares down at the crushed and gaping skull in the dirt. It’s the second time in just a few weeks that human remains have been found in the Black Hills. Citizens are getting restless. Is it a rogue mountain lion, as many people suspect? Or something even more sinister?

Sebastien Grey is a brilliant forensic anthropologist with debilitating social phobia. When he is asked by his estranged brother to come to South Dakota and help identify who, or what is leaving body parts scattered across the county, he discovers much more than the cause of these strange deaths.

About Ryburn Dobbs

Ryburn Dobbs

Ryburn Dobbs taught biological anthropology and forensic anthropology at several colleges throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and spent ten years as a forensic anthropologist, working dozens of death investigations. In addition to his anthropological pursuits, Ryburn also worked as an investigative analyst specializing in homicides and unsolved cases.

The Comfort of Distance is Ryburn’s first novel and the first in the Sebastien Grey series. For more information about Ryburn, his blog, and updates on new books please visit www.ryburndobbs.com.

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    Sounds like a book I would enjoy. Will have to check it out!

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