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Author: Laura Jensen Walker

Award-winning author Laura Jensen Walker has written several fiction and non-fiction books (17 and counting). Her books all share one common thread: humor. A lover of mysteries since she read her first Trixie Belden in the fourth grade, Laura is thrilled to return to writing after a decade’s absence to write lighthearted “cozy” mystery novels. Her Bookish Baker Mystery series (MURDER MOST SWEET, August 2020) set in the small town of Lake Potawatomi, Wisconsin, features baker, writer, and breast-cancer survivor Teddie St. John and her irrepressible American Eskimo dog Gracie. Laura’s Faith Chapel Mystery series (HOPE, FAITH, & A CORPSE, Jan. 2021) set in rural Northern California, features the movie-loving Episcopal priest Pastor Hope Taylor and her loyal Black Lab Bogie.

Grateful to be a longtime breast cancer survivor (THANKS FOR THE MAMMOGRAM! rereleases September 2020) Laura flew a typewriter across Europe in Uncle Sam’s Air Force in her twenties, and lived in Oxfordshire, England for three years where she became a lifelong, tea-loving Anglophile. A native of Racine, Wisconsin—home of Wisconsin’s official state pastry, the delicious, mouth-watering Danish kringle—dog-lover Laura lives in Northern California with her Renaissance-man husband and their canine daughter, Mellie.

June 8, 2021

Deadly Delights

Deadly Delights, the second book in the A Bookish Baker Mystery by Laura Jensen Walker, is a solid entry. Mystery writer, cancer survivor, and dog mom Teddie St. John enters her small town’s baking contest. Only to have the head judge turn up dead – bludgeoned with Teddie’s heirloom rolling pin.

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