ARC: Like a Sister

Book mail: Like a Sister

I have to admit that a lot of my pandemic reading has been romcom and cozy mysteries but I’m always in for a good thriller. LIKE A SISTER by Kellye Garrett sounds thoroughly engrossing! 

Thank you, Mulholland Books for the book mail!

Title: Like a Sister

Author: Kellye Garrett

Pub date: March 8, 2022

Genre: Thriller

Description of Like a Sister

Publisher’s description: When the body of disgraced reality TV star Desiree Pierce is found on a playground in the Bronx the morning after her 25th birthday party, the police and the media are quick to declare her death an overdose. It’s a tragedy, certainly, but not a crime.

But Desiree’s half-sister Lena Scott knows that can’t be the case. A graduate student at Columbia, Lena has spent the past decade forging her own path far from the spotlight, but some facts about Desiree just couldn’t have changed since their childhood. And Desiree would never travel above 125th Street. So why is no one listening to her?

Despite the bitter truth that the two haven’t spoken in two years, torn apart by Desiree’s partying and by their father, Mel, a wealthy and influential hip-hop mogul, Lena becomes determined to find justice for her sister, even if it means untangling her family’s darkest secrets—or ending up dead herself

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