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Hello, readers! I’m so excited to take part in the blog tour for the new fantasy mystery The Lost Truth of April Dark by C. Iron.

the lost truth of april dark
The Lost Truth of April Dark by C. Iron

About The Lost Truth of April Dark


And a long gone identity.

An entertaining and uplifting tale of dark secrets.

As April’s world is shattered by an anomalous disease and her eventual death, April regains consciousness in a mesmerisingly magical world, which is strangely familiar.

The path to discovering the truth, however, demands tremendous courage from April, forcing her to get involved in the bitter conflict between Makrav – an evil occupier of many kingdoms – and the insurgents, among whom April finds unexpected friends.

But as the journey gets more complicated and dangerous, what hunts April most is that it seems her past has more to do with Makrav than with the insurgents…

What April doesn’t know is that she’s running out of time to do what she has come back for, and that the truth is far more complex than anyone would expect…

Will April get ahold of the truth, or will the truth get ahold of April?

Read an excerpt of The Lost Truth of April Dark

The sound of his fingers drumming on the stony surface was so unlike the sound humans made, he thought, half-amused, half-fascinated, like almost every time he was thinking about those creatures. Their fingers were supple, his chillingly thin. Sometimes even to him. Was it good or bad? He couldn’t tell. 

He tore his attention off his fingers and reached for a rolled piece of dark parchment. Speaking of humans. They were highly fascinating creatures, indeed. Especially this one. He unrolled the scroll.

‘Aw, she’s finally about to die. It took quite a long time,’ he said to himself, watching the events in the hospital room from above. Then he moved his grey hand upwards, his fingers stretched, and the image on the parchment changed the perspective. Now, he could see her face up close. He smiled, though no human would say he smiled. Humans’ expression was so clear, so obvious, and almost pathetic. But his was not. 

Down in the scroll, April was wriggling in pain. 

‘And she’s still asking the same question “Why me?”,’ he commented out loud, even though there was no one to hear his words. ‘It’s getting annoying,’ he mumbled. ‘But she’ll soon learn why. I wonder… oh, I do wonder whether she’ll like the answer.’ He had to admit, though, she’d been brave to come to him. Yes. He nodded thoughtfully and summoned the memory of her in his mind. That day he’d been surprised she’d come. Immensely surprised, indeed. It’d be such a pleasure to see her remember what she’d told him. If she remembered that in time. A nasty smile crawled on to his face. Truly, truly nasty, he thought and giggled. Oh, she was so unaware of how disastrous it would be if she didn’t remember their conversation soon enough.

‘Tick-tock, tick-tock.’ He let out a short laugh.

The parchment sprang up and folded itself; he moved his tongue over his lower lip. There was still one thing he was curious about. 

A yellow scroll landed in front of him; the scene in it was different. A dim chamber appeared instead of the girl. It was in some dungeons. Liquefied humidity covered cobbled walls; blazing fire protruded from every crack in the wall, casting orange light on a group of armed people who stood in a circle, studying the map that lay on a table with claws-like legs.

‘Here, in the Nort Mountains,’ said a man with a prominent brow ridge, a burning torch in his left hand. ‘There’s the secret passage Makrav’s people surely don’t know about. (…)’

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Author bio

C. Iron

C.Iron spent her childhood immersed in fantasy and mystery stories. Later on, she graduated in English Philology and continued doing what she likes most – writing. When she is not dealing with her passion, she can be found at the archery range by an enormous lake practising traditional archery. Currently, she teaches adults as she loves spending time with people. 


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