5 Awesome Books Releasing in August

While August is still technically summer, once kids go back to school and Pumpkin Spice Lattes make their appearance, it definitely feels like autumn is here. And autumn is the season of lots of book releases as publishers and retailers gear up for the holiday buying season.

So I have 5 awesome books releasing in August that I’m excited about. All of them are by authors whose work I’ve really enjoyed in the past.

Stop back to read my reviews once it’s closer to release dates.

Books releasing in August

Book cover for Mixed Signals by BK Borison

Mixed Signals

Author: BK Borison

Release date: August 30, 2022

Publisher: Berkley

First up is Mixed Signals, the third book in the Lovelight series. I discovered this series this year and so far it’s been the perfect small town, cozy, romance series that I needed when I couldn’t settle on anything else. These books are like a snuggle in a chunky blanket with a cup of tea. If that sounds like your reading jam too, pick up:

The books can be read as standalones but if you read them out of order, you’ll get mild spoilers.


Mixed Signals is a sweet and steamy small-town romance. Our story features a bashful man who can rock a Hawaiian shirt, a hopeful and dreamy bakery owner, enough sweets to give you a cavity, and your favorite Inglewild residents.

Book cover for Change of Plans by Dylan Newton

Change of Plans

Author: Dylan Newton

Release date: August 1, 2023

Publisher: Forever

Change of Plans is also part of a small town, cozy, romance series, about the three Matthews brothers. This one has me particularly excited because the MMC, a veteran, suffers from PTSD and is disabled. Disability rep is happening more in romance novels but it’s still not as common as I think it should be so kudos to the author for this!

Read the first two books in the series:

Again, the books can be read as standalones but be prepared for mild spoilers if you read them out of order.


In this charming romantic comedy, a hometown hero comes to the rescue of a chef unexpectedly left to care for three little girls—who may end up saving him too.

Book cover for Thornhedge by T. Kingfisher


Author: T. Kingfisher

Release date: August 15, 2023

Publisher: Tor Books

I’m not sure why it took me so long to read a book by T. Kingfisher but I’m so glad I finally listened to the friends who were singing her praises! Her characters are always full of resourcefulness, determination, and the belief in Doing the Right Thing.

Thornhedge is a fairy tale retelling and I’m thoroughly expecting it to turn Sleeping Beauty on its head while finding the humanity in the Wicked Fairy.

Read her other books! They’re quick reads but so so enjoyable.


There’s a princess trapped in a tower. This isn’t her story.

Meet Toadling. On the day of her birth, she was stolen from her family by the fairies, but she grew up safe and loved in the warm waters of faerieland. Once an adult though, the fae ask a favor of return to the human world and offer a blessing of protection to a newborn child. Simple, right?

But nothing with fairies is ever simple.

Centuries later, a knight approaches a towering wall of brambles, where the thorns are as thick as your arm and as sharp as swords. He’s heard there’s a curse here that needs breaking, but it’s a curse Toadling will do anything to uphold…

Book cover for Codename Charming by Lucy Parker

Codename Charming

Author: Lucy Parker

Release date: August 15, 2023

Publisher: Avon

Codename Charming is the second book in the Palace Insiders series. And while, unlike the first book, this one doesn’t involve baking; it does have a contemporary, opposites attract storyline set in the UK. I’m fully expecting it to be as charming and fun as the first book, Battle Royal. Which you should definitely read first for the luscious cake descriptions alone.


Petunia De Vere enjoys being the personal assistant to lovable, bumbling Johnny Marchmont. But the job has its share of challenges, including the royal’s giant, intimidating bodyguard, Matthias. Pet and Matthias are polar opposites–she’s spontaneous and enthusiastic, he’s rigid and stoic–but she can sense there’s something softer underneath that tough exterior…

For Matthias Vaughn, protecting others is the name of the game. But keeping his royal charge out of trouble is more difficult than he imagined because everywhere Johnny goes, calamity ensues, and his petite, bubbly assistant is often caught in the fray. Matthias hates the idea of Pet getting hurt and he’s determined to keep everyone safe, even if it means clashing with his adorable new coworker.

Book cover for In Charm's Way by Lana Harper

In Charm’s Way

Author: Lana Harper

Release date: August 22, 2023

Publisher: Berkley

This series is my reading catnip! I devour the books of The Witches of Thistle Grove series and impatiently wait for the next one to come out. The series has cozy, small town vibes with all sorts of representation, so much sensuality and witchy goodness. I want Thistle Grove to be real so I can live there, even as a non-witch.

Do yourself a favor and read the entire series:


Six months after having been hit by a power surge that nearly obliterated her memory, Delilah Harlow is still picking up the pieces. Her once diamond-sharp mind has become shaky and unreliable, and bristly, self-sufficient Delilah is forced to rely on friends, family, and her raven familiar for help. In an effort to reclaim her wits and former independence, she casts a dangerous blood spell meant to harness power with healing capacities.

While the spell does restore clarity, it also unexpectedly turns Delilah into an irresistible beacon for the kind of malevolent supernatural creatures that have never before ventured into Thistle Grove. One night—just as things are about to go terribly sideways with a rogue succubus—a mysterious stranger appears in the nick of time to save Delilah’s soul.

In closing

I’m excited about these 5 awesome books releasing in August. Are there any books that you’re looking forward to reading in August?

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