Four 2022 Books to Read During Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us. You can enjoy the pageantry and glamour without leaving your couch or buying a gift by reading one of these romances featuring a wedding.

Book cover Set on You

Set on You by Amy Lea

Crystal is a plus-size Chinese American social influencer/personal trainer. She faces pushback and discrimination. And she also has to deal with her parents who don’t think she has a “real” job as an influencer.

At the gym, the new guy takes her machine and ruins her daily video thus kicking off a bit of a feud. They keep clashing until they share a scorching kiss – that she can’t stop thinking about. Which makes it even more fun when Scott turns out to be the grandson of the man Crystal’s feisty Grandma Flo is marrying.

The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa

Book cover for The Wedding Crasher

THE WEDDING CRASHER by Mia Sosa revisits the same great friends group and aunties that we met in The Worst Best Man. So expect more delicious descriptions of the Brazilian treats the aunties serve at their cafe.

Solange is helping her wedding planner friend and MUA cousin at a fancy wedding. She meets the groom before the ceremony and feels a connection. She then proceeds to crash the wedding and cause mass confusion when she tells him he’s making a mistake. 

The wedding’s canceled but now lawyer Dean needs a significant other for his law firm’s events as he tries to make partner. Who better to play his girlfriend than Solange, right?

Sari, Not Sari by Sonya K. Singh

Book cover for Sari, Not Sari by Sonya K. Singh

ARI, NOT SARI is Sonya K. Singh’s debut – a contemporary romance about a ladyboss looking for her Indian roots and maybe love.

Manny runs a company that helps clients break up via email. Her workaholic, often absent, white fiance doesn’t understand her interest in learning about her culture. Manny’s parents died without sharing their heritage and traditions with her.

A client offers Manny a solution – if she writes a (temporary) breakup email for him, he’ll take her to his younger brother’s wedding and give her the full Indian experience. She accepts and walks right into My Big Fat Indian Wedding with all of the meddling extended family, food, clothing, and Indian traditions she could ask for.

Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Book cover for Four Aunties and a Wedding

FOUR AUNTIES AND A WEDDING by Jesse Q. Sutanto is a sequel to 2021’s Dial A for Aunties. This time instead of the family planning someone else’s wedding, it’s Meddy and Nathan’s day in the spotlight. And the aunties think they’ve found the perfect planning family to oversee the wedding. But nothing can be that easy for the Chan clan, can it?

In closing

These four 2022 romances make perfect reading during the summer wedding season

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