The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling

The Kiss Curse by Erin SterlingThe Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling
Series: The Ex Hex #2
Published by Harper Voyager on September 20, 2022
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Also by this author: The Ex Hex

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

About The Kiss Curse

This is Erin Sterling’s follow-up to The Ex Hex, the second in a charming paranormal rom-com series.

Witches live (hidden) among us in this contemporary rom-com set in a world similar to ours where magic is real. 

The small town of Graves Glen, GA was founded by the Penhallows of Wales. But currently, the town’s magic is powered by Gwyn’s family, which infuriates the head of the Penhallow family. When eldest son, Wells, offers to go to Graves Glen, he gets his father’s blessing and encouragement to do the family name proud.

Gwyn, our free-spirit, bisexual, witch store owner is infuriated when the stuffy and oh-so-proper Wells moves to town and opens a competing witch store. 

But they’re forced to team up when a magical wrongness threatens the town, just as the fall festival season starts and Graves Glen is full of unknowing human tourists.

My thoughts about The Kiss Curse

This series is so fun to read – full of autumn vibes, sweet and sexy, fun and frothy.

If you’re a fan of enemies to lovers, opposites attract, sunshine and grump, you’ll love Gwyn and Wells. His restraint and properness are the perfect contrast to Gywn’s sensual, free-spiritedness. Watching them struggle against their attraction and then give in is sweet heat perfection.

The dark magic problem comes second to all of the fun banter between Gwyn and her cousin Vivi from The Ex Hex; Gwyn and Wells; Wells and his brothers. I giggled out loud more than once reading this.

You get:

  • Small southern town
  • Dual POV
  • Magical traditions
  • Witchy families
  • Magical college
  • Witty banter including pop culture references
  • Humor
  • Animal sidekick- Sir Purrcival, a talking cat!
  • Autumn vibes with festivals
  • Baby witches
  • LGBTQIA+ rep
  • Bi FMC
  • Opposites attract, sunshine and grump
  • Enemies to lovers

This is a perfect pumpkin spice of a read – sweet, spicy, frothy, delicious, and perfect on a fall day. You can’t help but cheer for Wells and Gwyn.

In closing

Thank you, Harper Voyager for the DRC!

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About Erin Sterling

Pen name of Rachel Hawkins.

Rachel Hawkins was born in Virginia and raised in Alabama. This means she uses words like “y’all” and “fixin'” a lot, and considers anything under 60 degrees to be borderline Arctic. Before deciding to write books about kissing and fire (and sometimes kissing while on fire), Rachel taught high school English for 3 years, and is still capable of teaching you The Canterbury Tales if you’re into that kind of thing.

She is married to a geologist, which means that they have incredibly strange dinner conversations (“So today at work, I wrote a chapter where killer fog, like, ATE PEOPLE.” “Huh. Well, I was chased by an angry reindeer while trying to map parts of Norway.” “Um…okay.”)

Rachel also has a little boy whose main hobbies are playing video games, running around in circles, and plotting his Future Intergalactic Take-Over.

When not writing books, Rachel enjoys reading, travelling, and knitting (very terribly.)

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