Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs

Wild Sign by Patricia BriggsWild Sign by Patricia Briggs
Published by Ace on March 13, 2021
Genres: Urban fantasy
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover
Also by this author: Smoke Bitten, Soul Taken

About Wild Sign

Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs is the sixth book in her Mercy Thompson adjacent series, Alpha and Omega.

Patricia Briggs’ books are always must buy/must-read immediately for me. So as soon as I received an ARC of Wild Sign, I dove straight in to the exclusion of everything else.

The FBI reaches out to the werewolves for help when an isolated community in Northern California disappears without a trace. The Pack owns the land. It was purchased after Bran rescued Leah from a supernatural horror centuries earlier. Worried that it’s back, he sends Charles, Anna, and Tag to investigate.

They find a community that looks like it knew it was leaving but no trace of the people. And they feel a presence, one entwined with music and memory. And evil.

My thoughts about Wild Sign

Patricia Briggs deftly handles multiple storylines along with flashbacks and multiple POV. We learn more about Leah, Bran’s mate. Not just her backstory but how it shaped her into the iron-willed, often unlikeable woman she is now. We learn more about Charles and his time with his mother’s people. We even get to see Anna’s past – what she was like before she was attacked and Changed.

I love that the characters aren’t static – they grow and developed and the author reveals more facets of their personalities. The interludes of romance and playful banter between Charles and Anna are a great balance to the increasing tension and menace as their investigation continues. The moments of teasing with Tag and Charles’ memories of his uncle keep him from being the two-dimensional, silently terrifying enforcer of the pack.

The intensifying pace of their investigation, the creeping menace and moments of eldritch horror and twisted worship (was not expecting tentacles!) played counterpoint to the moments of love and found family. Such a satisfying entry in the Alpha and Omega series.

Your thoughts

Badass female MCs who manage to be badass via intelligence and craftiness is one of my favorite urban fantasy tropes. So man series seem to equate top dog status with th ability to physically throw down with the Big Bad. As a nerd, I enjoy when it’s superior brain power that wins. What aboutyou? Do you have a favorite type of urban fantasy main character? Tell me in the comments below.

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In conclusion

Wild Sign is a gripping entry into the Alpha & Omega series. Love that guest appearance at the end!

Thank you to NetGalley and Ace Books for the ARC.

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